Bore Hole Data Management

C-Master provides a software solution for bore hole data management, log strip production, and automated data extraction from lithology-based logs. It combines a rigorous but simple data entry system with proven techniques to codify and extract geologically significant data from borehole logs. With the Ferm lithology coding system at its base. C-Master provides the geologist with data that can be easily used to generate floor and roof studies, calculate yields, and perform mine planning. Data are also easily exportable (CSV/Tab format) to a variety of other systems. These same data can be subjected to a variety of data extraction techniques without modifying or compromising the integrity of the underlying data (what-if studies).

Graphic products are suitable for import into AutoCAD, PDF, image files (BMP or JPG), or on a variety of continuous form devices (printers and plotters).


PDF’s can be Adobe® compatible, but you are not limited to the Adobe 200″ limit. Other PDF products (like FoxIT ®) can handle arbitrary sized PDF file, and some printers (i.e. NeuraLog) can easily handle over the 200″ limits.

C-Master can also produce files directly compatible with Google Earth® (KML file), PETRA® (LIC file), ArcGIS®; etc. In addition, any program that can read CSV or fixed formatted files is likely compatible with C-Master data products.

Whether you have large quantities of data or not, C-Master can handle your borehole data efficiently.You can aggregate your data into special processing units, and apply selection and calculation criteria to as many lithology logs as you wish, then present the data in tabular form or generate log strips for these selected data. And, C-Master does this very quickly! Get results in seconds for dozens of logs. Create Google Maps® compatible data to display your borehole locations as well as your data.

C‑Master has been in use on multiple computer platforms since the mid-1980’s. Now, targeting solely for the Windows PC environment, C‑Master is tested with Windows systems from Windows XP through Windows 10. It runs as a 32-bit native application on a wide variety of hardware.

Running as a single application, C‑Master provides all aspects of data entry and management from basic geographic and ownership data up through identification and analysis of seams of interest. C‑Master has been used successfully to assist geologists in determining yield, rock-to-other rations, and performing roof and floor studies. Graphic log production is oriented as a “batch” process, allowing additional control of graphic output. Log strip generation can be started from C-Master directly; no command-line knowledge is required.

Files and file formats are generally transportable to and from a wide variety of platforms. The file structures do not rely on external database management tools. As a result, the data from an old IBM PC-AT from the mid-80’s are compatible with today’s Windows environment. For existing users, or if your data has been processed on a C-Master system, the lithology data and associated databases are all 100% upward-compatible.

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